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Advertising on Project Management Zone

Ad Zone Details

NameFeatured Products and Services
DescriptionFeatured products and services, shown on all pages below the main menu. Icon 48x48, no animation, and up to 60 characters of text incl. a link.
Ad Slotsup to 4 ads are shown simultaneously
Max. Active CampaignsUp to 6 campaigns rotate their ads
Current Price (CPM)0.50 € max. per 1000 qualified pageviews
Qualified pageviews cap visits at 10 pageviews
Qualified Pageviews
3 months average
213per day
6,497per month
3 months average
235per day
7,168per month
3 months average
145per day
4,423per month
Unique Visitors
3 months average
136per day
4,148per month
Visitor Locations
3 months average
28.8%North America

24.9%United States
2.4%United Kingdom


  • Best price guarantee:
    • The current price (CPM) changes automatically based on the number of campaign requests. However, the price charged within a campaign never rises.
    • If the current price rises, the lower price from the time when the campaign was ordered will be charged.
    • If the current price falls, the new (lower) price will be charged for active campaigns, adjusted on a daily basis.
  • The price (CPM) is calculated based on qualified pageviews. Qualified pageviews cap visits at 10 pageviews. The means, that during visits with more than 10 pageviews, ads are shown on all pages, but only 10 pageviews are charged.
  • The number of pageviews, visits and unique visitors is shown for information only. Pricing is based on qualified pageviews only.
  • Active campaigns rotate. Each campaign is shown at least on 67% of all pages.
  • Campaigners can login here to see their relevant access statistics, updated daily.

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